Friday, April 11, 2008

Circa Nocturna

Best things about the Circa Nocturna Fashion show...

Going to the after party and people asking me for me ID (when you're older...this is a good thing!)

Seeing new designers straight after the show, so happy that there designs have been on the catwalk

Getting amazing pictures back from the promo shoot

Looking around at a venue packed with amazing people

Sleeping in the day after its finished!

Having great people in the goth community volunteer to help out

Realising, that despite all the flack it cops, the goth and alternative community is a vastly creative one, that can do amazing things, and there's really no reason for the world to be the goddam awfully boring place that it is!

And of course, our sponsors the Alt Modelling Agency, DV8 and Lockworks...all our models.....and most importantly, all the amazing designers who put so much effort into the show. Huzzah!

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