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Thursday, April 23, 2015

*quick intro; Here again, sorry for not posting, but I haven't had internet connection for a long time, before that I was here but I wasn't posting, even though I said opposite.Sorry about that. I'm here.*
*new me, or what?*

I came here with an intention to write about one certain thing, which I fell in love at the first sight;
Peplum shirt.
I've found particularly nice one on ClothingLoves.
Still don't have one?What are you still waiting for?
Here, on ClothingLoves, you can find this affordable, but that doesn't mean less well one.
(picture below)
This one is made out of cotton, which is, we all know, best fabric to make shirts from- comfy, airily, soft.  
It's only 12,99$, which is absolutely crazy, isn't it? And at's literally basic you should have in your wardrobe. Also, ClothingLoves is offering you black, grey, rose and white one.
I'll choose white one, since it's basic color you can freely and fearless combinate with everything!Also, would choose black one, acromate color too, and can be combinated in endless ways.
This time, I will write about white one, since Winter is knocking on our doors, and with all that holiday-ish things, along with snow, white is more appropriate, in my opinion.
This one you can wear it eather your style is girly or grunge-ish, either you want to be casual or formal.
you can wear it with pastel jeans(pastel pink, baby blue or lemon one), cute necklaces, and oxfords, or even fake fur!
You can wear leather pencil skirt underneath to be more formal, but still wear electric blue tights.
Play with patterns! Flowers for girly, pepita for formal, plaid for grungy and casual.
Also, wear spike necklaces to look like goth, or necklaces with cute pendants to be cute.
Shoes?From JC Spike litas to Converse shoes.

Presenting; simplicity, peplum, and pure beauty.

*quick intro; Here again, sorry for not posting, but I haven't had internet connection for a long time, before that I was here but I wa...

 I would like to introduce you to, a page where you can find all kind of clothes- from white, magical bride/wedding dresses to sport hoodies, from funky pink leather jackets to cute sweaters decorated with lace collars...
Behined the simple name; 'Clothing Loves', a leading supplier of Women's clothing, Men's Clothing, Occasion and wedding dresses is hiding. Also, here you can find lingerie, acessories, jewelry, and, as it's said before, clothes made for all kinds of fashion tastes- all that for affordable prices!
On ClothingLoves you can find:
Speaking of connection between affordable prices, great quality, and trendy clothes, ClothingLoves makes perfect mix of all things mentioned!
Here, you can find all of the trends you see this season on world-wide known fashion weeks.
This time, I would liketo start off with writing about the thing I'm about to buy, and being really excited to; black leather jacket for 29,99$,(picture no.1)which is literally basic thing you should have in your closet-even if you're girly-girl; you can always pair it with cute floral printed dresses, pastel colors and pleated skirts, wearing extravagant shoes or bags to spice up the outfit. And, if you want to get noticed, and being recognized among the crowd, I would recommand you to buy and wear leather jacket, but in cobalt color(picture no.2). If you're asking me, I would wear it with orange, playing with complementary contrast. Or, if you want to stay decent, you could wear it, perhaps, with lavander color, or if even that's not suiting you or matching your style, you can simply go with black. Always works.
But still, that's not it!Out there are endless possibilities with pairing it, but one is for sure- THIS one you have to have in your closet, right? Think about it; For 29,99$ you would probably buy food you already have in your fridge, new nail-polishes, even though you already own 398724 of them, you would probably try to save it but end up finding yourself buying substandard clothes, or simply buy leather jacket, but multiple times more expensive!
Now, it's up to you! Check out ClothingLoves, and choose which one you want! Classy black one, eccenctic cobalt blue, romantic beige, sexy red, with collar or without it, with buttons or zippers...
Also, if you want to give them special touch, you can buy and attach studds or spikes on collar, shoulders, on back, and play with creating various forms.

That would be all. Thank you.
Have a nice rest of the day, night, or whatever time it is where you're reading this.

Fashion Mode International presents;

 I would like to introduce you to , a page where you can find all kind of clothes- from white, magical bride/wedding dr...

YEASHIN - Summer Afternoon Party
Bright green leaves adorned garments as though they’ve floated down from the trees. This collection had a childlike essence with ruffles and beads on pretty 60s style shift and baby doll dresses made of satin and chiffon panels in contrasting bright candy colours. A summer afternoon party with a fairytale twist.

All that glitters is not gold, but it is definitely Chandran’s SS14 collection! This was a Galactic princess with high caped necklines revealing a plunging back, bejewelled harness dress straps, a 3D circular motif of square beads stacked upright like dominoes before they topple over and a tinsel halo.


Think lazy hazy summer days and glittering glamorous nights of the 70s.  The large collection included fluid silk shirt dresses, flowing maxi skirts, pyjama silk lounge suits and pinafore dresses with fan shaped bibs.  Juxtaposing with the soft fabrics of silk and denim, was the stiffer textured cork adorned with appliqué and laser cut patterns.

Focusing on Kyudo, the Japanese martial art of archery, the collection concentrated on structure with thick leather strips in both white and black providing the frame and weight for the sculptural shapes.  Eaborate harness straps represented the ‘muneate’ or chest protector worn by female archers and horizontal stripe prints emulated the patterns created by the lines of tiny steel plates on Samurai armour.  Colour palette began with no nonsense monochrome, softened with the serenity of dusty pink, pale blue and nude then ended on a strong clear note of Royal blue and white.

Inspired by the 1967 French film ‘Belle de Jour’ starring Catherine Deneuve. the collection started with soft summer tweed dresses  followed by floral embroidered panels on dresses and shorts. For that clandestine rendezvous cloche hats covered the face with only lace peep holes for the eyes. Transparent PVC as shawls and skirts encrusted with hand appliquéd lace brought an edginess to the collection.  After the chic daywear came the glamour of the evening gowns. Simple fluid jersey gowns revealed they were actually one piece pant suits as the models glided down the catwalk, whilst ornate embroidered appliqué stopping at knee length on long organza skirts created the mermaid silhouette.



Anton Belinsky - Using a colour palette considered to be very Ukrainian; natural fabrics of silk, leather, linen and wool to create texture and designing comfortable oversized garments, Belinsky blends his heritage with street fashion.

Anna K – Sheer organza dresses breezed in with just a hint of ruffle; organza overlays created girliness to practical shorts and tops whilst cute rows of tiny ruffles adorned trousers. Accessories included transparent handbags, a collaboration with Proskurovskar


Multi designer showcase FASHION INTERNATIONAL presented a mix of new designers and the more established:

Yuvna Kim – Bijoux
As though sprinkled with fairy dust, the diaphanous georgette gowns sparkled with crystals, beads and pearls in designs with a nod to 1920s French art deco.

Gianni Lilliu
Inspired by the sculptor David Begbe’s studies of the female form in steel and bronze mesh, Lilliu interpreted this into his collection with stiff crystal organza. Framed and sculpted into peplums and boleros, the organza created a holographic sheen over the softer silk fabric of the dresses.



Drew Barrymore’s character Gertie in E.T. was the inspiration. Fusing Gertie’s childish curiosity, mischief and creativity with the housewife of the 1950s, the new modern woman became bold and confident without losing her playful side. Silk satin shirt dresses teamed with contrasting skinny belts in canary yellow or red, ranged from the pleated skirt to one resembling a baseball shirt. Didn’t really get the Gertie inspiration, instead saw a celebration of springtime with clusters of large flowers and butterfly appliqués blossoming on white PU skirts, daffodil yellow and poppy red sheath dresses;   grass green gingham bomber jackets  and ethereal daisy prints floated on light airy chiffon tops and gowns.  How could E.T. not want to stay?

By Karen Grace
Personal Shopper & Image Consultant for Frumpy to Funky  

London Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2014

DAY ONE YEASHIN  - Summer Afternoon Party Bright green leaves adorned garments as though they’ve floated down from the tree...


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