Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fashion Mode International presents;

 I would like to introduce you to, a page where you can find all kind of clothes- from white, magical bride/wedding dresses to sport hoodies, from funky pink leather jackets to cute sweaters decorated with lace collars...
Behined the simple name; 'Clothing Loves', a leading supplier of Women's clothing, Men's Clothing, Occasion and wedding dresses is hiding. Also, here you can find lingerie, acessories, jewelry, and, as it's said before, clothes made for all kinds of fashion tastes- all that for affordable prices!
On ClothingLoves you can find:
Speaking of connection between affordable prices, great quality, and trendy clothes, ClothingLoves makes perfect mix of all things mentioned!
Here, you can find all of the trends you see this season on world-wide known fashion weeks.
This time, I would liketo start off with writing about the thing I'm about to buy, and being really excited to; black leather jacket for 29,99$,(picture no.1)which is literally basic thing you should have in your closet-even if you're girly-girl; you can always pair it with cute floral printed dresses, pastel colors and pleated skirts, wearing extravagant shoes or bags to spice up the outfit. And, if you want to get noticed, and being recognized among the crowd, I would recommand you to buy and wear leather jacket, but in cobalt color(picture no.2). If you're asking me, I would wear it with orange, playing with complementary contrast. Or, if you want to stay decent, you could wear it, perhaps, with lavander color, or if even that's not suiting you or matching your style, you can simply go with black. Always works.
But still, that's not it!Out there are endless possibilities with pairing it, but one is for sure- THIS one you have to have in your closet, right? Think about it; For 29,99$ you would probably buy food you already have in your fridge, new nail-polishes, even though you already own 398724 of them, you would probably try to save it but end up finding yourself buying substandard clothes, or simply buy leather jacket, but multiple times more expensive!
Now, it's up to you! Check out ClothingLoves, and choose which one you want! Classy black one, eccenctic cobalt blue, romantic beige, sexy red, with collar or without it, with buttons or zippers...
Also, if you want to give them special touch, you can buy and attach studds or spikes on collar, shoulders, on back, and play with creating various forms.

That would be all. Thank you.
Have a nice rest of the day, night, or whatever time it is where you're reading this.

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