Friday, April 11, 2008

Cosplay fashion

Cosplay is basically getting dressed up in outfits from Manga and Anime. The big event in Melbourne, Manifest, gets thousands of people apparently.
While some of the costumes are a bit naf, there is some quite amazing work done. Interestingly, its quite challenging, as the designs
are originally done for 2 dimensional artwork, and then have to be turned into a 3d piece, even if the original was unrealistic and impractical.

Carly from Lyris does quite a bit of this, she is one of the most talented designers I know... just a natural at it.

I have very limited knowledg eof Manga, but there is so many characters in Manga/anime that I have no idea. I'm a fan of obvious stuff like Akira and Ghost in the Shell....after that I'm lost.

Here is some video from a gaming convention (Blizzcon) ..... this stuff is all costume, not fashion, but it does share a certain fantastic edge that some alternative fashion has....methinks.

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