Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alt Fashion shows....

There aren't that many! For some reason, alt fashion shows really haven't taken off.
I'm not sure why. I work with Circa Nocturna in Melbourne, and its quite popular.
Largely i think, because it is so different.

So what alternative fashion shows are there to see in the wide, wide world??? As far as I'm aware, there are four big shows that have run at least a couple of times

Toronto Alt Arts and fashion Week. features over 200 designers and artists.

London Alternative Fashion week. Huge fashion week with many designers, been running for about 10 years. Run by ALTERNATIVE ARTS

Lunamorph - Sydney Gothy alt fashion show, run as part of the Festival of the Blue Moon.

Circa Nocturna - run in Melbourne Australia. Been running since 2004.

Gala Nocturna - Neo romantic ball (with some fashion) Gothy/ dark romantic fashion show in Antwerp, Belgium. Looks amazing, would love to go to this. Someday!

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