Friday, October 9, 2009

Pics from a very stylish Russian gothic wedding

Well....not strictly fashion, as the fashion or designer isn't identified, and photographically, these are really wedding pics rather than fashion pics per se, but anyways.... they are some pretty damn stylish images.

Photography of a Russian goth wedding featuring some exorbitant hair, makeup and fashion in these shots.
I noticed this on a tacky wedding site . The site features pics from people's "tacky" weddings. Not sure I agree with a site devoted to this, I'm sure the people getting hitched didn't think there wedding was tacky... but anyways.

Someone posted these pics to the tacky wedding site. Instead of people's usual mundane derogatory comments, most people's comments were about how good the pics were... very complimentary. On a site that's main purpose is ripping into people's tacky wedding shots, to turn the maddening crowd into enthusiastic appreciative onlookers, is a pretty big compliment for the couple featured.

Anyways, the pics. Unfortunately can't credit the photographer, its all Russian to me.

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