Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skinhead Fashion

(promotional pic for "This is England') Two guys on the left are Rude boys.
It is interesting how close the Rudie look is to the skinhead look, but still they are quite different in a lot of ways.

Skinhead fashion is the fashion that, out of all subcultural fashion, comes across as the most aggressive visually. It certainly makes a statement...particularly when a big group of them appear in the pub!

Subcultural fashion tends to speak for its wearer. People wearing subcultural fashion make statements through what they wear. Skinhead fashion is practical and certainly conveys a look that is functional and hard.

Tight jeans, Big Doc Marten boots, short hair, all very practical.

That said, traditionally skinhead fashion in the 60's, coming out of the hard mod look, also had its stylish side. Early skins, and modern sharp dressing skins, wear suits, Ben Shermans and much of the sophisticated mod look when dressing to impress.

If you want more detail......The quintessential book about skins, including lots of fashion development, is this...

"Skinhead" by Nick Knight.Its a bit old now, but has great detail on the evolution of the subculture, philosophy and some great photography. Also, "This is England", "Skinhead Attitude" and "Romper Stomper"

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