Friday, June 11, 2010

Nasir Mazhar

To call him a Milliner is probably a bit of an understatement. I have seen him described as a "Headwear designer"..which while vagueish, I think encompasses more of what he does. Nasir Mazhar designs go beyond the norm when it comes to hats....quite far beyond the norm.

And that is why he is he on the alt fashion blog.

Nasir Mzhar started doing hair at Vidal Sasson.He sought to extent what he was doing with the hair, by adding forms and peices to the hair to create structures that started to develop a life of their own. Teh structures very soon became headwear, irrespective of the hair itself, and he made the transition from cutting to sculpting wondrous pieces for the head.

Like a lot of designers (eg Galliano) he sees the importance of historical fashion, in this case the historical development of modern hats.

At only 26 years old, Mazhar has worked with the who’s-who of London’s fashion and Entertainment talents, including Mark Wheeler, Kylie Minougue, Gareth Pugh, Richard Nicoll and the Royal Opera House. He has even worked with historical headwear at the Globe Theater.

Most recently he did the headwear, a Borg-ish/steampunkish headpeice, with working retracting eyepieces, worn by Lady Ga Ga's in the filmclip for her latest tune Alejandro (or is it her song for her filmclip?)

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