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The two main alt fashion events in Australia are LunarMorph in Sydney and Circa Nocturna in Melbourne (which I have a bit to do with).

I havent got to Lunarmorph yet, and having a baby, may find it even trickier to get there these days, but have been following it, and it does seem to have evolved over the years into quite the event. Sydney has some great alt fashion designers, and they can put on a show. The first big alt fashion show in Australia, Edge City came from Sydney after all, so its fitting that a regular event is held there.

This years event was accompanied by an orchestra pit full of vintage syntesizers.
As is the current trend at the moment, the Lunarmorph parade was presaged by an associated steampunk event - Steampunk Symposium.

All this is part of the Under the Blue Moon Festival, a goth festival held in Australia, as well as part of Sydney Fringe Festival.

This years Lunarmorph featured a Melbourne buddy of mine, the delightful Dolly Q, plus a host of Sydney based designers. The full list was:

The Wild One
Gallery Serpentine
Matt Bylett
Dolly Q
Clockwork Butterfly
Of Air & Rubber
50ft Queenie
Tentacle Threads
Reactor Rubber & Furr Hair

Bit late for this year, but if you are anywhere near Sydney, keep Lunarmorph in mind for next year. Much more exciting that your average fashion show!

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