Friday, November 28, 2008

Alternative Modelling Agency Launch

Went to the Alternative Modelling Agency's launch last night, which featured a few of the Circa designers, who the AMA had very kindly included to help them with a bit of promotion. The AMA are a great sponsor for Circa, and even before that, Peter has always supported the show and helped out with photography.

Models were great.....there was only one or two outfits from each designer, so there was a lot of variety and it was quick. They are amazing looking things, AMA have the most interesting models in Australia, so visually superb.

Lots of photographers with some good gear shooting there, and Peter's Hasselblad was in action, so there should be some good shots.
I took mine along, but the re charge time on the flash took too long for me to get many good pics, and I wasn't in a good position. Even though I've tried it a couple of times now, catwalk photography is hard! Next time I do it I will make sure I have a bigger flash with a better re-charge rate.

I had the new Assassinus ( corset in it - though being made of perspex I think some people didn't notice it! However the model came out later and wore it around, which gave people more of a chance to check it out. Anyways, a few comments on it and my finisheing is getting better now. I'm doing the course, which is great for teaching you to do things properly.

...and great cocktails!

Congrats to Samantha and Peter on a job well done.

If you hadn't seen it, they got an amazing article in the age yesterday as well

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