Saturday, November 29, 2008


Beyonce has started wearing a robot like metal glove as part of her performance. it is made by her jeweller who otherwise makes rings and more standard stuff, and apparently is made of titanium, so quite light (and no doubt, quite expensive). As a jeweller, I wouldn't mind having her as a client!

Glove was made by Lorraine Schwarze.
Schwartz seems to normally make more standard jewellery, from what I can tell.
Including Beyonce's Beyonce’s $5-million, 18-carat diamond wedding ring.

Funny enough, the metal glove thing has already been done by another black singer, though someone in a very different area of music (and someone I personally am more likely to see), Maxim from The Prodigy.

Daphne Guiness (model, designer and likely inheritor of awful beer factories) also has an obssession with armour.

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