Thursday, December 18, 2008

Alternative handbags

Last night was the big handbag research surf. I want to look at Assassinus making handbags, so thought I would spend most of the night doing research and seeing what was out there. I noticed three main types of alternative handbags that grabbed my attention.

These were the ones that really stood out as being different and creative.

Gothy Handbags

I spent last night trying to hunt down alernative handbags. A lot of what are called alterntive handbags are pretty ordinary. Really actually mainstream. Most of the tripped out alternative stuff is gothy, or possibly fetish.

So handbags shaped like batwings, handbags shaped like corsets, and of course, the old faithful coffin shaped handbag. I saw a cute one that was a handbag shaped like a straitjacked.

These were pretty cute when they came out, but a bit old hat now.

Cyber/Tech handbags

There were a few handbags that had in built technological features. One had a TV screen... another had speakers for your MP3 player.

Recycled Rubber Handbags

I quite liked the look of these. GeomMythik has worked with making bags out of Recycled material, as has a couple of other outfits in Australia. A couple of designers are using recylced material to make quite nice looking handbags.
Some go out of their way to indicate their origins....(truck tires!) others look just like your typical handbag. Recyled rubber bags are actually in demand, with some of the better ones being quite pricey, and month long waiting periods.

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