Monday, November 2, 2009

Emo Hair

Emo Hair.

Weeeeell...a little post about Emos and their hair. They have plenty. Have you ever seen a bald emo? NO! The guys have the most obvious. Hair is generally dies black, semi long, and hangs over one eye. It looks a bit like an anime character. Tre dark and mysterious. (Hey, with eyeliner, I think looks pretty good. And there is ALWAYS eyeliner). To me, it looks very rawk, mainly because Emo hair is very influenced by their fav band looks.

Sometimes its teased up as well. A bit Brian Molko-esque

Over both eyes... See. I told you there is always eyeliner.

Other variations are with colour.

Emo gals...

Like the guys over the one eye anime character look but long and with colour. And more eyeliner.

Blonde...not sure if this is completely emo esque or not. Hard to say....

This one....tre cool. Geometric with ribbon.

Emo - was it the subculture of the 2000's? Will it be around in 10 years?

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