Friday, November 20, 2009

Lady Ga Ga - more Metal Couture

Lady Ga Ga says she has been bankrupt 4 times... because she spends too much on fashion.
Who knows if thats the truth? I love her visuals and she has cottoned on to Metal Couture, employing it in her film clips.
She is also a frequent user of Manual Albarran pieces... he does some very intersting work.
I'm still researching who makes her stuff, hard to track down.

I would love to know who made this for her. My friend wants me to make one of these..the metal corset I could do, but the spinning wheels are a bit beyond me.

This is a Manual Albarran face jewellery piece. Easily recognisable, I'm guessing its made of brass. His work is very distinctive, and he tends to make work for male models, where a lot of the other metal Couturists make work for females.

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